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Hägglund and Meillassoux on Time

Martin Hägglund’s critique of Meillassoux has come up now and again (for instance here), and I just now listened to his presentation at the 21st Century Materialism conference. (the talk can be downloaded here). Their main point of contention is their views … Continue reading

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Meillassoux and the Cahiers

Apropos my previous post on the Cahiers pour L’Analyse and the website dedicated to it: Fabio Cunctator at Hypertiling has posted a partial translation of Meillassoux’ article “Contigence et Absolutisation de l’Un”. What is fascinating about the translated part is that in … Continue reading

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Cahiers pour L’Analyse

I just found out that the complete texts of the Cahiers pour L’Analyse, along with detailed synopses in English of each article, has been published online. This French journal published ten issues from 1966 to 1969, with articles from Alain Badiou, … Continue reading

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Objects and Joints

I realized today, while browsing Philip Kitcher’s book “Science, Truth and Democracy”, one of the things I find fascinating about object-oriented philosophy: That it inverses the claims of the kind of “weak realism” so common in the kind of analytic … Continue reading

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