Meillassoux interview

An interesting Meillassoux interview (pdf) with Robin Mackay and Florian Hecker, published by Urbanomic. Their list of forthcoming publications is exhilarating, with the Nick Land collection, two books by Francois Laruelle, Reza Negarestani’s sequel to Cyclonopedia, and a work by Fernando Zalamea that promises to engage philosophically in more recent mathematical development, all scheduled for 2011 release.

À propos my previous remarks on dialetheism, this juxtaposition struck me:

Dialectics and paraconsistent logics would be shown to be studies of the ways in which the contradictions of thought produce effects in thought, rather than studies of the supposedly ontological contradictions which thought discovers in the surrounding world. (After Finitude, p. 79)

I remark that thought cannot be richer than reality: The capacity of thought cannot be richer than the capacity of realiy. (Urbanomic interview, p. 3)

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